ARECO’s nebulisation helps you to improve the performance of your seafood department. Our nebulisation system has been validated by an independent laboratory that has studied the impact of nebulisation on the microbiological, physical and chemical qualities of seafood products.

The benefits of nebulisation for your seafood department

La nébulisation ARECO sur le rayon marée

For consumers

A POS material located on the department informs consumers of the benefits of nebulisation for seafood products and specifies that the water fog diffused above the products is filtered and without the addition of chemicals.

Fiche info consommateur rayon marée


Solution de déglaçage ARECO

ARECO offers an icebreaking solution for the seafood departments

Scheduled according to your needs (day and time of your choice), our solution allows icebreaking of the counter, automatically and without human intervention.