Butcher Catering

Meat is a fragile product which requires respecting specific conditions of temperature and hygrometry for its conservation. ARECO’s nebulization ensures optimal results by keeping the products in an ideal humidity level of between 85% and 95%.

ARECO’s nebulization:
the only system that has been tested by the French Institute of Livestock

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A study, conducted by the French Livestock Institute and financially supported by the French organizations Interbev and ARDAT, was conducted on our nebulization system. The objective was to measure the contribution of ARECO’s nebulization in refrigerated showcases of the butcher departments. This study, available on request, demonstrates and validates the interest of ARECO’s nebulization on meat and catering products.

The benefits for your butcher's department

La nébulisation ARECO sur le rayon boucherie
La nébulisation ARECO sur le rayon boucherie

ARECO offers the opportunity to improve the profitability of your Butchery-Catering department thanks to its nebulization system that adapts to every type of showcase.

Whatever the type of refrigerated showcase, static or ventilated cold, we offer you a tailor-made answer.

For consumers

In the fresh departments, consumers are informed of the benefits of nebulization for butchery and catering products through a brochure or video display. This POS material also specifies that the cool vapor diffused above the products is filtered, without addition of chemicals.