Cheeses, in the traditional departments, are products requiring specific conditions of conservation according to their composition and their manufacturing method. The ARECO nebulization conservation allows to respect these specific conditions of temperature and humidity for your department.

Economical and practical, our solution fits all types of showcases and is suitable for soft cheeses, cooked pressed cheeses, and blue-veined cheeses.

The benefits of nebulization for your cheese department

  • Better conservation of products and their taste
  • Improved department profitability
  • Reduced water loss and weight loss: products do not dry out
  • Breakage reduction
  • Timesaving: wrapping products with plastic is no longer necessary
  • Attractive freshness: nebulization attracts the eye and promotes the impulse buying
  • Promotion of the quality of the products: we restore the cheese's life (aging, fermentation).
La nébulisation ARECO au rayon fromages

For consumers

A POS material located on the department informs consumers of the benefits of nebulization for cheese products and specifies that the cool vapor diffused above the products is filtered and without the addition of chemicals.

Fiche info consommateur rayon fromage