Fresh departments

ARECO is the expert and world leader in tailor-made solutions to promote and manage fresh products departments.

The ARECO solution is THE reference for the management, valorization and sale of fresh natural products to make healthy diet accessible to the greatest number while preserving the environment.

ARECO offers innovative products and services adapted to the needs of the fresh departments. With ARECO, food stores have the opportunity to act directly on the quality of their products, as well as on economic profitability and environmental concerns.

La nébulisation ARECO sur des salades
Le Module Herbes Fraîches ARECO

ARECO continually innovates in the design and installation of tailor-made products and services for the management and promotion of fresh products departments that:

  • Preserve the quality of food products sensitive to desiccation and ageing
  • Conserve products and their freshness
  • Optimize the department management
  • Develop the attractiveness and profitability of fresh products departments
  • Improve the management of the department, avoid packing of products
  • Reduce waste by extending the shelf life of products
  • Valorize fresh products by simplifying consumer access to raw products
  • Inform the consumer to better consume, better buy and buy healthier.
  • Contribute to the well-being of consumers
  • Answer the new food consumption patterns (taste and health)
  • Optimize the use of water and reduce food waste
  • Provide differentiation and technical innovations
  • Respect the health security of fresh products departments
  • Are in accordance with the regulations

ARECO solutions

Testimonials from users of ARECO solutions

Satisfied customers

In the fresh products departments, equipped with our conservation solutions, our customers agree on the following benefits:

  • maintain of the freshness and appearance of products,
  • extension of their shelf life, reduction of the breakage,
  • workforce timesaving, which varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the departments (no more packing at night),
  • increase of the turnover,
  • and the satisfaction of their own customers.
Nébulisation ARECO sur une vitrine murale réfrigérée

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