Cooling plates

Attractiveness, freshness, taste, anti-waste and better storage of fruits and vegetables on the fresh department

ARECO offers a contact cooling solution, without dry air flow, mobile, temperature-adjustable and very energy-efficient compared to conventional refrigerated display cases. This system improves the products conservation by maintaining an optimal contact temperature (4 to 10°C depending on the need of the products). The quality of the products remains intact, the weight loss of fruits and vegetables is greatly reduced and natural degradation is slowed down.

Products concerned

Ratatouille vegetables, mushrooms, red fruits and seasonal fruits

Fruits rouges

Recommended temperatures for the storage of fruits and vegetables in the stores

Storage temperatureProduct category
Between 0 and 43°FCherries, Root vegetables, Salads/Leafy vegetables, Strawberries, Red fruits, Mushrooms
Between 46 and 54°FRecommended temperature for most fruits and vegetables
Between 55 and 64°FMangoes, Bananas, Tomatoes, Exotic berries, Nuts, Pomelos, Garlic/onion/shallot, Squash
Les plaques réfrigérées ARECO

The benefits of ARECO cooling plates for your fruits and vegetables:

  • 6°C reduction of the temperature at the core of the product
  • Reduction in product weight loss (-15%)
  • Breakage reduction (-1.9 points)
  • Longer time exposure
  • Loss reduction
  • Respect of the cold chain
  • No dry air flow
  • No repacking of products at the end of the day
  • Standard or tailor made on island or wall furniture
  • Plug and play modular system or static system
  • Easy to install, use and maintain

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