Attractiveness, freshness, taste, anti-waste and better storage of fruits and vegetables on the fresh department

Day and night, ARECO nebulization preserves the freshness, taste and organoleptic qualities of your fruits and vegetables thanks to stable and controlled hygrometry (90% RH).

ARECO nebulization allows to enhance your produce departments while reducing food waste. Thanks to our nebulization systems, your products retain their quality, they are better and longer preserved, which reduces the waste. The resources required to make them to reach the sales area are thus reduced.

Category of vegetables to nebulize

Leafy vegetables (leaf carrots, salads, radish, spinach…)

Légumes à nébuliser
La nébulisation ARECO sur le rayon fruits et légumes

The humidification we provide on fruits and vegetables has many benefits:

Nebulisation preserves the freshness and nutritional qualities of vegetables

The ARFITEC Group has conducted a study in collaboration with the CTIFL to measure the impact of nebulization on leafy vegetables and more particularly salads.

The study says that nebulization maintains the water content and avoids loss of mass in salads. The results also show a stability of the organoleptic properties (carotenoids, organic acids and polyphenols).

Nebulization thus maintains the products in a state similar than harvest step.

With nebulization, the products keep their freshness and their organoleptic/nutritional qualities from the farmer field to the fresh produce department.

Nébulisation ARECO sur des salades

Nebulization adapts to your products layout

The fruits and vegetables department changes with the seasons. To meet this need, ARECO offers a modular solution so that the nebulization can be adapted to your products layout.

ARECO nebulization tested and validated

For consumers

A POS material is installed on the shelf to inform about the benefits of nebulization for the fruits and vegetables and to specify that the water fog diffused over the products is filtered, and without the addition of chemicals.

Fiche d'information sur la nébulisation dans les rayons légumes

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