Vision and values

Fruits et légumes

ARECO: the pioneer in the food transition, the clean eating and the promotion of fresh products

Thanks to its technological know-how and its global vision of the distribution industry, ARECO:

  • Protects fresh products (fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat and fish) whose deterioration of freshness is accelerated by the loss of water (a loss of 5% makes many products non-marketable anymore) and ageing
  • Conserves fresh products while preserving their original freshness, without preservatives
  • Reduces waste, fights against food waste (losses divided by 2) and preserves natural resources (a salad needs 25 liters of water to grow)
  • Valorizes the value of fresh products by simplifying the consumer access to raw products
  • Informs and stimulates consumer interest with digital media delivering advice and recipes that are simple and quick to make in order to consume better, buy better and healthier
  • Answers the search for taste, meaning and health of consumers
  • Increases the profitability of fresh products departments (2% margin increase)
  • Develops the marketing/attractiveness aspect of the departments
  • Allows fresh products to retain their taste and organoleptic properties

Whatever your need for the conservation of your fresh products, ARECO is a partner that meets your requirements.

More than just a supplier of products and services, ARECO constantly strives to meet its customers’ expectations by providing them with tailor-made solutions and strong support throughout their project.

From the feasibility study to the effective operation of your nebulization system, ARECO is at your side.

  • Our patents are based on an exclusive technology
  • Our equipment is manufactured by ourselves
  • We control the entire value creation chain: R&D, production, control, installation, after-sales service.
  • ARECO applies the European WEEE and RoHS directives on the recycling of electrical and electronic waste.
  • ARECO is committed to a philosophy of respect for man and his environment through a CSR approach
  • Since 2001, we have received several trophies that demonstrate our innovation and social initiative (CSR approach)
La nébulisation ARECO au rayon fruits et légumes
A pioneering spirit

Since 1998, we have been offering the most innovative solutions for the conservation, freshness and quality of food products. All this in a process of respect for man and his environment.

ARECO is constantly looking for new solutions, in particular by taking into account new communication technologies, to allow its customers to stay one step ahead. With the implementation of a CSR approach since 2012, the company stands out for its strategic vision of sustainable development and integration into its social fabric.

Compliance with commitments

ARECO supports its customers throughout their projects, from the idea to the tailor-made implementation of their nebulization system. We guarantee a result that meets their expectations. We always respect our commitments.

Confident in the quality of our products, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our systems, both for supermarkets and local retailers.

Listening and adaptability

Essential for us, listening to and taking into account your requirements, the characteristics of your products and the context of the installation, allow us to offer you solutions in perfect harmony with your needs.

More than just an update, we often have to completely review our products and their functionalities. Thus, these developments allow us to offer you tailor-made solutions. While respecting your constraints, your requirements and the international standards in force.

Responsiveness and anticipation

To stay one step ahead, and to find ever more innovative digital solutions, 10% of our annual turnover is dedicated to Research and Development activities. Continuous improvement and innovation are anchored in our DNA. We are constantly improving our offer and anticipate the evolution of legislation or the future needs of our customers.

Aware of the digital challenge that food retailers are facing, it is in close collaboration with major retail groups that we are constantly seeking to develop a new consumer experience around NICTs. The objective is to improve the experience of customers and consumers in the fresh departments, in particular by developing 3.0 products (smartphone connected to nebulization, tablets offering recipes...).

Proximity to the market and its customers

90% of ARECO teams are in contact with customers and ensure that they are always better served.