The optimal solution

for the enrichment of fresh products, clean eating and the fight against food waste and plastic packaging

ARECO participates in the development of the consumption of fresh products for the well-being of the greatest number while reducing the food waste


Solutions for the performance of your fresh departments

Areco is constantly innovating in the design and implementation of products and services tailored for managing and promoting fresh departments to make the freshest products available to everyone.

On cover

Areco, a pioneer in nebulisation, joins forces with Système U, Danone, Bonduelle and Fleury Michon with, an independent citizen platform whose mission is to engage citizens in the positive transformation of society.

For ARECO, the reference for the performance of the fresh departments for the clean eating and the preservation of the environment, this partnership is a part of its continuous CSR approach of innovative French SMEs to promote the consumption of fresh natural products and to fight against food waste. Areco has been involved in fighting food waste and access to the clean eating since its creation in 1998.

Our solutions

The Areco solution, a smart global management of the fresh departments based on nebulisation systems, cooling plates and digital technologies, promotes the growth of sales of fresh products and answers the new consumption patterns (taste, health and meaning). This solution is THE reference for managing and selling fresh products to make the clean eating accessible to the greatest number while preserving the environment.

Who are we?

ARECO is a French company, the expert and the world leader in tailor-made solutions for the promotion, valorisation and management of fresh departments while reducing food waste.