Fresh Herbs Module

ARECO, specialist in the global management of fresh products departments, has developed a module for aromatic herbs that extends their freshness and exposure time.

Displayed on fresh departments of the stores throughout the day, aromatic herbs lose their freshness, vitality and commercial appeal. These products rarely exceed 24 hours of shelf life under the climatic conditions usually observed in stores (temperature of 26°C and humidity level of 50%).

This situation generates a loss of around 50% and therefore a loss of turnover on these high value-added products.

In its approach of preserving and valorising fresh products, ARECO has developed a module dedicated to aromatic herbs to prevent their loss of freshness and allow these fragile products to extend their shelf life.

The module has an integrated LED light (in the area of the “fresh herbs” label) which highlights the herbs on the shelf. This makes the fruit and vegetable department more attractive and promotes impulse buying.

The fresh herbs module also facilitates the presentation of herbs in specially designed large pots.

This module can be installed in addition to the nebulisation to maintain an ideal hygrometry on the department. With an island or wall furniture, new or existing, nebulised or not, the module can be integrated in all types of configurations.


Operation of the ARECO fresh herbs module

In a sustainable approach, we use the nebulisation filtration system to supply this module with water. The Fresh Herbs module provides filtered water to the feet of the aromatic herbs to preserve their freshness. The bouquets are individually placed in stainless steel containers and bathed in water throughout their shelf life.

The water level can be adjusted to meet the humidity requirements of the various herbs.

The water is renewed automatically, without the intervention of an operator, throughout the day.

In addition, the LED light in the module can be customised to suit your theatrical requirements. Using a smartphone app or a remote control, the colour can be changed at any time. It is also possible to create light effects to arouse the curiosity of consumers.

Product category concerned: fresh cut herbs (parsley, coriander, chives…)

Module herbes fraîches
Le Module Herbes Fraîches ARECO

The benefits of the ARECO Fresh Herbs module for your aromatic herbs

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