ARECO offers the most complete filtration system on the market

ARECO offers nebulisation systems with the most advanced filtration system on the market and completely natural, without any chemicals. All hygiene measures in place exceed the recommendations of the regulations currently in force.

Les systèmes ARECO répondent à la réglementation

Before being diffused on the fresh departments, the water is cleaned from all residues, chlorine, bacteria, viruses and limescale.

The compliance of  the recommendation of the regulations relates to 2 parts:
system design and operation.

A complete
filtration system

ARECO guarantees a perfect hygiene of its installations with a very complete filtration system, using various technologies:

Système de filtration ARECO

Thanks to the Thermosure system, all our customers, who have subscribed to the maintenance contract, automatically benefit from the Allianz insurance against the risk of legionella.