What is nebulisation?

The ARECO nebulisation is the diffusion of a very fine water fog (95% of the drops have a diameter smaller than 5 microns), filtered by a very complete filtration system.

This water fog, 100% natural, moisturizes and enhances the quality of your fresh products both in terms of freshness and appearance, all in respect of the environment. The nebulisation makes the fresh departments more attractive to consumers by bringing incomparable freshness to fresh products.

With ARECO’s nebuliser, your products stay fresh and appetizing throughout the day and can be stored longer.

ARECO’s nebulisation is installed in cold rooms and on the fruits and vegetables, seafood, butcher-catering and cheese departments. For each department, ARECO offers you a tailor-made solution.

Nébulisation ARECO sur une vitrine murale réfrigérée

Nebulisation at the heart of ARECO's development

The nebulisation is a technology that valorises the departments of fresh natural products while reducing food waste. It is the only system on the humidification market that allows continuous diffusion of water fog throughout the day. The results are even more effective in terms of humidity control, homogeneity, breakage reduction and marketing impact for your store.

Our know-how allows you to benefit from the most advanced nebulisation technology in terms of food conservation on all your fresh departments. ARECO’s nebulisation is an innovative and natural solution for the performance and optimization of the fresh products departments, with a constant concern for the environment.

Nebulisation is promoted by consumers

78% of French people want nebulisation in every fresh products store.

Nebulisation benefits a great credit from the consumers, as nearly nine out of ten know that it gives a better appearance to fresh products and prevents them from drying out. Around three out of four also believe that nebulisation helps to better preserve fresh products (82%), to guarantee their freshness (76%), to reduce food waste (75%).

* Study conducted by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) between May 15 and May 16 of 2019, among a sample of 1005 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over.

La nébulisation ARECO sur le rayon fruits et légumes
La nébulisation ARECO sur le rayon fromages

A technology with a head start

ARECO’s nebulisation technology guarantees you the following results:

Exclusivity of the ARECO nebulisation system: