Fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are made of between 85% and 95% of water. When exposed on the fresh departments of a store, these products face different issues : handling of customers, handling of employees and they are confronted with storage conditions and exposure of the store (heat of lighting, ambient temperature, dryness due to the air conditioning). These factors increase the products breakage.

ARECO offers a solution for the global management of your fresh departments based on several conservation systems: nebulisation, contact cooling, the Fresh Herbs module, and the digital technology Addachef. This solution improves the conservation and growth of sales of fruits and vegetable to answer the new food consumption patterns: taste, health and meaning.

La nébulisation ARECO sur le rayon fruits et légumes

From producer to consumer

ARECO is involved in the different steps of the food chain: ARECO products are installed in a cold room during product storage and on the fresh departments of the food shops. At the consumer level, products can be prepared using the recipes proposed by ARECO.


Transportation until the storage area

Quality control

Transportation to the food shop

Arrival in the food shop

Storage in cold room

Storage on the shelves

Product chosen by a consumer

Transportation from the food shop to the consumer’s home

Storage in the fridge

Washing and eating the product

Throwing a salad is equal to wasting the 22 litres of water that it needed since it was planted.

ARECO solutions for fruits and vegetables


Meuble palox réfrigéré ARECO pour fruits et légumes

ARECO offers a refrigerated wooden crate solution for your seasonal fruits and vegetables

Promote your seasonal products while ensuring their good conservation thanks to our autonomous refrigerated shelf.

The shelf is tailor-made for your Fruits and Vegetables area.