ARECO offers digital solutions to help you promote the sales of fresh products while reducing food waste with targeted offers, recipes and information.

Addachef is an interactive digital POS material that can be implemented in your produce departments, allowing you to animate and boost the sales of your fruits and vegetables while communicating effectively on your fresh departments.

With Addachef, cook fruits and vegetables like a great chef!

Addachef helps your customers to eat better by introducing them to new recipes and products. Our service is simple, fast and intuitive. More than 600 recipes adapted to everyday life are available and can be printed directly in the store. On each recipe, useful information on the products available on the fresh department (seasonality, conservation, composition and consumption ideas) can be checked on a tablet integrated into your shelf.

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Addachef en magasin

Promote the sales of fresh products

  • Animate and increase sales in the department
  • Make your customers want to buy and eat better
  • Introduce new fruits and vegetables (old vegetables)
  • Stimulate consumer’s appetite
  • Inform for a better and healthier consumption
  • Promote products with better margins

Reduce waste

  • Better conserve fresh products
  • Sell better to reduce food waste and simplify access to raw products.
Une recette proposée sur Addachef

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