Seafood nebulisation

Nébulisation marée - fraîcheur

Seafood nebulisation: preserving the freshness and quality of products

Like all fresh products, fish are fragile foods that require precise temperature and humidity conditions.

It is therefore advisable to have a core temperature between 0 and 2°C and a humidity level of 85% to 95%.

In shops, the ARECO nebulisation solution maintains these climatic conditions on the seafood stalls.

Thanks to the nebulisation of the seafood department, the products will retain their freshness and quality. This technology diffuses an extremely fine mist of water on the furniture which moistens the products without wetting them.

In addition, nebulisation helps to reduce food waste. By preserving the freshness and quality of products throughout the day.

In addition, the humidity generated by nebulisation forms a natural barrier against the appearance of insects. This protection facilitates the work of the fishmongers and conveys a positive image of the shelf to consumers.

Category of seafood products to be nebulised

Cod, sea bream, saithe, gurnard, dab, bass, sardine, sole, whiting, etc.

Rayon marée

Nebulisation of seafood department: strengthening the theatrical aspect of the shelf

For shoppers, quality (46%) and presentation (40%) are the top two satisfaction criteria for a seafood department (source). This is why it is imperative to propose a qualitative and attractive offer on the seafood shelves.

The dramatisation of the shelf becomes essential to highlight seafood products and arouse the curiosity of your customers.

The water mist from the nebulisation system constantly energises your seafood department. It also gives a great freshness to the food on the display.

This freshness effect makes fish and shellfish particularly attractive to your customers. As a result, ARECO nebulisation encourages impulse buying and thus promotes sales and consumption of seafood.

We work with food retailers to help consumers eat better by buying fresh produce. Indeed, for a healthy and balanced diet, it is recommended to eat fish twice a week.

Nébulisation marée - théâtralisation
Nébulisation marée - bac de refroidissement

Maintaining the core temperature of products with the cooling tank

For good storage conditions, seafood products should have a core temperature between 0 and 2°C. This temperature is necessary to preserve the freshness and quality of the products.

This is why ARECO offers, in addition to the nebulisation process, a cooling tank. This tank cools the temperature at which the fog exits by 7°C.

Thanks to this process, the temperature of the seafood remains constant throughout the day. This extends the shelf life of your seafood.

The cooling tank also plays a positive role in shelf management. Ice consumption is reduced with this solution.

In terms of installation, the cooling tray is positioned underneath the cabinet like the nebulisation machine. It can therefore be integrated into all existing or future nebulisation systems.

Fully customised installations

Each project is unique, which is why the ARECO design office draws up a 3D plan of the nebulisation system on your furniture before installation.

This 3D plan reproduces the design of your seafood display and shows the location of the nebulisation diffusers. Beforehand, one of our project managers takes into account all the parameters of your shelf.

ARECO’s seafood nebulisation can be perfectly integrated into all types of furniture: neutral, island or wall-mounted refrigerated, etc. Our diffusion tubes and rods blend in perfectly with the decor by following the line of the display: straight, curved, etc.

Thanks to the presence of our technicians throughout the world, we can intervene quickly to satisfy your equipment request. Our technician also trains the staff in the department to ensure optimal use of the nebulisation system.

Finally, subscribing to an ARECO maintenance contract ensures a lifetime guarantee for the equipment and regular maintenance of your installation.

Nébulisation marée - sur-mesure

ARECO seafood nebulisation tested and validated

For consumers

We put up a poster on the nebulisation unit to inform your customers of the benefits of nebulisation for seafood products: a fresh, pure water mist that preserves the products throughout the day and reduces food waste.

Seafood nebulisation - consumer information

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