Cold rooms

The storage in cold room in food shops is the last step in the cold chain before the purchase of the product by the consumer. It is essential to control the hygrometry and the temperature in order to maintain the perfect conservation and the quality of the products.

Nebulisation in fruits and vegetables cold rooms

Fruits and vegetables stored in a cold room are facing different phenomena:

A right temperature and an optimal hygrometry are mandatory to prevent these phenomena.

The ARECO nebulisation system fits perfectly in cold rooms to preserve the quality and improve the conservation of stored fruits and vegetables. The hygrometry of the room is automatically regulated by a probe and the operation of the nebulisation is provided by a PLC.

Our nebulisation technology can be installed in a cold room, storage room or modified atmosphere cell.

La nébulisation ARECO pour chambre froide fruits et légumes
La nébulisation ARECO dans une chambre froide fruits et légumes

Our solution has many benefits for the conservation of your fruits and vegetables in cold room:

Nebulisation in carcass cold rooms

In cold storage, the products are facing several issues:

La nébulisation ARECO pour chambre froide carcasse
La nébulisation ARECO pour chambre froide carcasse

To prevent this, ARECO offers a nebulisation solution for carcass cold rooms. Our humidification solution is designed to reduce weight loss and improve carcass conservation.

Thus, the products are less facing the oxidation phenomenon. Our technology allows you to maintain the optimal hygrometry with a dry moisture.

This management of optimal storage conditions helps you in your daily work life by making the meat easier to prepare.

ARECO’s nebulisation offers many benefits:

Your products retain all their qualities: the meat keeps its colour and no longer darken. By choosing ARECO’s nebulisation, your products can be sold for up to 2.5 days of storage. The hygrometry in the room is regulated automatically by an electronic probe. Our machine can be installed inside or outside the room.